The most important book anyone could read or study is the Bible. Some books help us understand subjects like human behavior, science, and history, and other books are simply entertaining. But the Bible takes us outside our physical universe into the heart of God.


The Bible is like a mobile library containing sixty-six different books. The two main divisions of the Bible are the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament tells the history of the nation Israel. The New Testament tells the story of Jesus Christ.
But the Bible is more than histories and stories. It is the only book God has ever authored. God is a communicator: He wants you to know Him, to know His ways and what He has for you. Because God is spirit, we can’t see Him or touch Him. We can’t peer at Him through a telescope or run experiments on Him in a laboratory. But God has spoken to us. The Bible is God’s self-revelation. The truth about God; His nature, thoughts, and will are revealed in the Bible. It bridges the gap from the invisible God to our tangible world.


Your Creator had a design in mind when He made you. As you study the Bible, you not only discover God, but you learn what He wants your life to be, and what He demands from you. Reading the Bible is important because it holds the key to meaning and purpose. Sometimes you look at your overbooked agenda and say, “There’s got to be more to life!” There is. The Bible tells us what that “More” is and how to find it.


The Bible makes promises to those who read it. For instance, it says it will revive your soul, make you wise, give you joy, enlighten your eyes, provide warning, and great reward (Psalm 19:7-11). In another place the Bible promises its readers hope, encouragement, and comfort. Best of all, however, the Bible tells us the truth about God and how to know Him. Through its message we can meet God, experience Him , and discover a relationship with Him.


In our church, we do exhaustive research into the history, language, and meaning of the Bible, so we can apply its lessons to the practical issues of our lives. We work hard at knowing God as He has revealed Himself to us. We take the teaching of the Bible seriously, and use it as a guide for living. We try to structure our personal lives and our church community life around the truth of the Bible. Our commitment to God and you is to do our best to help you really understand the Bible, and its place in your life.


Do you look forward to going to your mailbox and looking through your mail? How about playing back the messages on your answer-phone? Maybe you’re hoping for a call from a friend, or a letter announcing that you’ve won a million dollar sweepstakes. The Bible is like a mailbox. God has placed messages in it for you. You can go to the Bible everyday to see what He has to say to you. We are here to help you understand God’s message. We provide Bible studies, outlines, cassette tapes and other material to help you understand the Bible. We also have a research department that would love to answer your questions and assist your study of scripture. Various services offered at our church will enable you to read, understand, and enjoy this most important book ever written, the Holy Bible.

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