Pastor Sweet begins "roaming thru Romans" by reviewing Paul's declaration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He emphasizes the importance of this event in our Christian faith. He includes a…

Proverbs 31

May 12, 2024
Pastor David Sweet takes us through Proverbs 31 and pays tribute to women and mothers who have displayed these godly attributes that bless their family and children.

Watch out for Idols

April 14, 2024
Pastor Dave discusses the foundations of Jesus' sacrifice and how we live in the Holy Spirit. We are reminded that we should be turning our backs on our sinful natures…

Hold Fast

April 7, 2024
Pastor Dave reminds us that God's Word doesn't and, because it doesn't change, it gives us stability. God never leaves us or forsakes us. He is always there for us,…

Acts to Romans

March 24, 2024
Pastor Dave relates Paul's journey to Rome at the end of Acts to God's promise that all things work together for good. He also reminds us that even in our…

Acts 20-21

March 17, 2024
Pastor Dave continues with his journey through the book of Acts and Paul's departure to Jerusalem.
Following his dramatic conversion, Paul followed the Holy Spirit's leading not ever knowing where he was being led. As such, he lived a very public, transparent life including the hardships…