Bible Text: 2 Timothy 3:10 | Preacher: Pastor Dave Sweet | Series: Communion Pastor Dave began by asking for prayer for Franklin Graham and the Decision America - California Tour, for our state and our country.  He then began a message for communion - "Call to Remembrance" from 2 Timothy 3:10-4:5, about the Lord's forgiveness through Jesus for our sin.
Bible Text: Matthew 28:16-20 | Preacher: Pastor Dave Sweet | Series: Revelation, The Great Commission Pastor Dave shared about the upcoming Franklin Graham "Decision America-California Tour" in Chico on June 3rd, and called our our church to be a part of this outreach, talking about The Great Commission - Matthew 28:16-20.  As Christians we need to be willing to serve in whatever way possible even if called on one time - for prayer, to share about the Gospel to others to make disciples, or serve Him in whatever capacity.  He explained what prayer means, what a disciple is, and what revival is.  He gave some short examples during the study.